Lekki Auto Services (LAS) Ltd,

  Was born out of the belief that modern cars need modern technology solutions to maintain optimal performance. Therefore, our primary objective is to provide our clients with absolute satisfaction and peace of mind. At LAS, not only do we provide outstanding, efficient, and cost-effective repairs and services, we also sell virtually all makes and models of modern cars on demand. Our highly trained, world-class technicians are extremely proficient in providing our clients with a wide range of services that are guaranteed to exceed expectations. We utilize sophisticated diagnostic computers and equipment to evaluate vehicle problems and determine the best techniques for long-term repair. We also provide many routine maintenance services as well as a full service auto body repair department. Our fully equipped spare parts shop is unrivalled for distinctive quality and reliability. Schedule an appointment and a trial will convince you!

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Our Services

General Repairs & Auto Sales

Air Conditioning Servicing & Repair

Electronic Tune-Up

Electrical Repairs

Brake Services

Computer Diagnostics

3-D Computerized Wheel Alignment

Computerized Wheel Balancing & Tire Mounting

Tire Sales & Repair

Original Auto Parts Sales

Towing & Recovery

Expert Auto Body Repair & Painting/Baking

Precision Auto Body Frame & Unibody Straightening

Various Welding Techniques

Windshield/Glass Replacement

Auto Detailing

Our Facility

Cars On Request

We provide vehicles on request, whereby a customer tells us what they are looking for via: Make, model, color, year and mileage. Our vehicles mostly come from the United States, and are delivered within a month or less. Below are a few of the vehicles we have delivered to our satisfied clients.

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